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Keycon: Manitoba Sci-Fi Convention

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Canadian Unity Fan Fund [Nov. 13th, 2009|02:54 pm]
Keycon: Manitoba Sci-Fi Convention


Canada Unity Fan Fund (CUFF)

The CUFF is a fan fund that brings fans between the East and the West of Canada as defined by the Manitoba Ontario border to the Canvention, Canada’s National Science Fiction and Fantasy conference. The Canvention alternates between the East and the West. When in the west, we bring a fan from the east, and vice versa. This years Canvention 30 is Keycon 27. We are looking for fans from the east to come party with us! Its going to be a special year, as its the 30th anniversary of the Canvention. This year we were hoping to have the fan chosen, if available stay for a bit longer than just the conference, in order to meet with more fans.

In order to be nominated for the CUFF this year, you must live in the East. An application must be submitted by January 31, 2010 to leamberr at gmail dot com. The application must have a minimum of three references from people in the east and in the west. It should contain a letter describing who you are, why this would be beneficial for you and your community and what you would bring to Fandom in Winnipeg. Voting will be open February 5 and close February 25. This will allow the winning candidate time to work with Programming and schedule their visit.

Any questions please forward them to myself, this years CUFF administrator at leamberr at gmail dot com

Thank You

LeAmber Kensley
CUFF delegate 2009