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Keycon: Manitoba Sci-Fi Convention

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MOVIE NIGHT FEB 12 [Jan. 10th, 2011|10:08 am]
Keycon: Manitoba Sci-Fi Convention


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Saturday February 12, 2011
Park Theatre and Movie Cafe
698 Osborne St
Winnipeg, MB

230-730 pm will be a FREE games Day, open to the public! Bring a game to play or join one of the ones we will have there.

8 pm, Phantom of the Paradise!

10 pm is The Rocky Horror Picture Show! (Audience Participation encouraged)

There will be door prizes, Costume Contests and a Chinese Raffle.
Each Movie is $10.00 or both for $15.00 Contact Con -Chairs (conchairs2011 at keycon dot org), or Extravaganzas (extravaganzas at keycon dot org) for tickets, they will also be available at the Park Theatre or Pendragon Games.